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Best Practices to Manage Interactions, Feedback and Reviews with Your Customers Online

  1. Why monitor online reviews?

    Monitoring and managing online reviews is key and will continue to increase in importance as search engines and consumers use reviews to determine the best hotels in a market. [more]
  2. How social media and reviews impact your search engine optimization?

    Social Media Marketing is the next frontier of "organic optimization." References and positive reviews from these sites are considered important ranking factors by search engines. [more]
  3. Social Signals

    Google and Bing have both confirmed that social media signals are influencing search engine results. As search trends continue to evolve, so will the factors that affect the SERPs. Several social media channels already play a key role in the search environment. [more]

How to engage positively with online reviews and social media channels

  1. How should I respond to online guest reviews?

    Opinions about your hotel abound on review sites. How you react to these reviews can make the difference between convincing a consumer to book with you and driving them to your competition. [more]
  2. What to post on social media channels?

    As social media channels become integral to a hotel's overall internet marketing strategy, it is important to know what to post on these channels and how to engage in conversations with target consumers. [more]
  3. Retweet Me - How to be a Twitter Authority

    Users are looking for authentic engagement and a captivating voice while using social media. By giving them the respectful, robust Twitter experience they're looking for, you are guaranteeing yourself a legitimate following. Here are some tips. [more]
  4. Facebook New Analytics Reports - Facebook Insights

    Facebook Insights provides Facebook Page owners and Facebook Platform developers with metrics around their content with deeper engagement analytics and demographics for interactions. [more]