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eBuzz Connect

Robust Online Reputation Management Tool - eBuzz Connect™

eBuzz Connect™ is an award-winning online reputation management system targeted exclusively at the hotel industry. It provides an integrated single interface for the hoteliers to monitor reviews and social media buzz and to interact with consumers. The tool focuses on driving actions by hotel management to enhance profitability from review sites and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Over the last few years, Milestone has collected substantial return on investment data from social media marketing efforts for several hotel industry clients (see Graviti™ - Social Media Optimization for more information). eBuzz Connect™ is derived from the results of these marketing efforts and focuses on the social media channels found most effective for the hotel industry.

Save time and stay ahead by using our integrated dashboard -

eBuzz Connect™ provides reviews and social media buzz from different online channels focused on the hospitality segment in an integrated, easy-to-use dashboard report. The user can review the data and post responses on different sites from the tool. The tool provides enhanced social media analytics from the data being collected. The tool also enables the hotels to set goals for different key performance indices (KPIs) to drive actions at the property and enhance profitability from the social media channels. The architecture provides an easy to navigate social media dashboard with summarized reports for each of the major channels and an easy ability to drill down into each of the channels. The key hallmark feature of eBuzz Connect™ is the built-in workflow with easy to use goals management to enhance the profitability from review sites and social media channels.

Improve your hotel's reputation management with eBuzz Connect™'s key features

1. Integrated View - Reviews and Social Media Channels

  • Easy to use integrated view of hotel reviews, Facebook, Twitter, mentions on blogs, videos and photo sharing sites from over 10,000 websites
  • Monitor, manage, and respond to comments and guest reviews from the tool itself
  • Monitor social media campaign performance from channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, etc.
  • Easy drill through on key metrics to understand the data and drive actions

2. Establish and Monitor Goals for Your Team for Major KPIs

  • The tool provides major key performance indices (KPIs) that have an impact on a hotel's bottom line and easy way to track performance for KPIs
  • Establish goals for major KPIs and monitor performance vs. Goals

3. Workflow Management

  • eBuzz Connect™ solves the key challenge of what to do with all the information!
  • When a user logs in, the user sees Action Items that are auto-assigned to the user based on poor ratings and specific keywords or can be assigned manually by other users.
  • Enables tracking of comments, replies, and actions within the team and consolidates in a simple report for management to view

4. Key Marketing and Operational Insights

  • Provides major keywords used by guests to describe your hotel
  • Gives your most important channels and the most important reviewers and commenters

5. Benchmark hotel performance vs. major competitors

6. Interface to key social media channels

such as Facebook and Twitter and enables hotels to respond to comments on these channels from within the tool

7. Flexible and Powerful Reporting

  • Provides guest rating distribution across multiple channels
  • Actionable General Manager's Summary Report
  • Determines items needing action
  • Track top blogs and reviewers for your hotel
  • Sort through guest reviews and filter negative guest reviews from positive guest reviews
  • Dashboard view and desktop delivery
  • Trend Analysis - data saved for up to 2 years
  • Brand and group level reporting - summarize reports by group or region
  • Multiple user permissions for security and workflow management
  • View guest comments on competitors and understand likes and dislikes about competing hotels